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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sweet Sweet Music...

...to my ears...another "Screw You!" to the corporate parasite known as Wal-Mart!

The Quebec Labour Board has ruled that the closing of a Wal-Mart store this year amounted to a reprisal against unionized workers and has ordered the company to compensate former employees.
The labour board concluded that Wal-Mart Canada, Inc., failed to prove that the closing of its store in Jonquiere in April was "real, genuine and definitive" as required under the Quebec Labour Code.
Their (Wal-Mart) trying to demonstrate an unprofitable store is like trying to prove the existence of an unprofitable Tim Horton's!


In other news, I really hope that The Abomination doesn't read Rotten.Com . Their DailyRotten section has a "Today in Rotten History" entry which could give him an idea...so to speak.
Sep 17 1859
San Francisco resident Joshua A. Norton proclaims himself Emperor of these United States, a title he retains until his death in 1880. The successor to Emperor Norton I has yet to be anointed.
Like I said, here's hoping...
Is it time for another "Family Guy" clip already? I have an idea--how about two today--and don't bug me again for a while? What do you say?

Enjoy, kiddies!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Just In Case This Douch Bag Wants To Run For President Someday...

Bush Family Crest
...please print out copies of this entry from The Smoking Gun.

Seems like little Jeb-Jeb Junior is cut from the same cloth philosophically as his Abomination of an uncle.

Gotta love the respect he shows for law and order...
According to the below arrest warrant, filed with the Travis County
Municipal Court, an intoxicated Bush, "continually pushed against this officer
and struggled as I attempted to handcuff him."
Seems like maybe he could be helping out the hurricane survivors, instead of tying one on, no? That is if it mattered to them what other people thought of them. Or if they had souls...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Odds and Ends

Can anyone name a bigger cry-baby in Canadian politics than Brian Mulroney?

In anticipation of Bush's rebuilding plan announcement later tonight, we could just save some time and loss of network air time and just hand the keys to the treasury over to Halliburton. They own everything else anyways.

Any takers on how far into The Abomination's speech it takes him before he mentions either "9/11", the Iraq "War"/supporting troops/staying the course, or explaining how yesterdays speech wasn't really about him taking responsibility for thousands of people dying?


Currently drinking:

In other news:

Aside from Bush-a-polooza 2005 and the premiere of "Survivor", there isn't that much else on the old tube tonight. It;s probably a good thing--I have an exam to study for, and a cute puppy to walk.

Speaking of...

She's growing so quickly. I can't believe that we only bought her 3 weeks ago.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Praying For Jenny

I'm not going to present myself as a close friend of Jennifer Teague, but I am praying for her safe and speedy return.

I don't recall ever having met her, even though her brother and my step-kid are best friends.

I know the stretch of road down which she would have walked, the night she disappeared. I've never considered Jockvale to be a dangerous road before. But then, it only has to be dangerous once, now...right?

I'm scared.

I want to believe that this will have a happy ending, and that she was just visiting friends who somehow missed the dozens of police and volunteers and posters and helicopters roaming a usually-quiet Ottawa suburb, for the past week.

Like I said...I want to believe that. I'm scared though, that my intuitions are correct--that it's far too late for a happy ending. That this story has been played out, so tragically, many times before. Two years later, Ottawa Police still don't know who killed Ardeth Wood, another blonde girl who thought that she was safe.

Anyway, I am praying for you Jenny--even though my praying skills are rusty. I'm also praying for your mom and K--that they can stay strong through this and whatever comes next. When you come home, you owe them, bigtime!

I'll lend a hand by asking that anyone with information on Jennifer's disappearance please call the Ottawa Police major crimes unit at 613-236-1222 x5477 or to call CrimeStoppers at 613-233-8477.

Thanks for listening!


Gentle Reminders


Bush: 'I take responsibility' for hurricane failures

"...Katrina exposed serious problems in our response capability at all
levels of government, and to the extent that the federal government didn't
fully do it's job right, I take responsibility," Bush said. "

That being said, we will now accept your resignation.
...or do we not share the same definition of "responsibility"?
This is me not holding my breath.

If by "Greatest", you mean "Drunkest", then sure...

Brian Mulroney has likened himself to Sir John A., and
thinks that he did a bang-up job leading the country.

But now, with Peter Newman's book coming out, he's getting cranky again that no one gives a fig about him.

That makes Brian angry. And hurt. Sulky people don't make great PMs, Bri-Bri.

If we don't watch out, he'll sue the entire country into liking him...

Does anyone have a tissue? Or a rattle, for baby...?

Monday, September 12, 2005

Harpo Talks Tough On Crime


Conservative leader Stephen Harper said on Friday that his party would get tough
on crimes like marijuana grow-ops, street racing and auto theft , issues he said the Liberal government has ignored. "They point to selective statistics of crime going down."
Statistics like...murder? Rape? Robbery? God! I do hate those lawless Liberal traitors! They just lie and lie and lie, until you don't even understand the truth anymore...

Since when is street racing a top agenda item for the legal system, anyway?

"...working very well for them..."

After a week's hiatus, DU's Top Ten is back, and FEMA-liscious!

It's got the "Go fuck yourself" video link...
...Tom Delays' ongoing mess of a career, another career high-point for Rush, and the continuing blame game...

If I've said it before, then I'll say it again...Impeach Bush.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Upgraded from what...?

Ahh...good times, indeed!
Functional Upgraded Neohuman Calibrated for Efficient Nullification, Thorough Repair and Accurate Learning

Worth a thousand words, and then some...

Thanks to Crabletta, via G!

One of the worst disasters?

Well, there was 9/11.

And the Ice Age.

Tom Green, and his movies.

Certainly on the top ten list, though...

The Return of YJO...er...RMO--whatever!!!

an invitation of sorts...

Ryan took the summer off, and now is back and more bloggy than ever. Check his site out--I highly recommend it.

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