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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Fuzzy Science

How Does He Define "Dignified"?

Excerpts from CNN, with help from moi:

Bush calls for 'dignified' process
"We have had a plan in place ... just in case there was a vacancy," McClellan said.
"A kind of...master plan, if you will...", he continued.

He said that while the staff has been preparing material on potential nominees, the president has not reviewed the notes but would likely do so on the trip to Europe. "Providing that the batteries in his Ipod fail, and he has nothing else to keep himself busy."

McClellan said the White House would consult with Senate Majority Leader Frist and Minority Leader Harry Reid and ranking members of the Judiciary Committee and expressed hope that Democrats would not block a vote on the president's pick."I can't imagine that the Democrats would want to engage in controversial tactics when it comes to a nominee for the Supreme Court," he said. "Like a hearing, or an investigation of the candidate, or an examination of their decisions. Muck-racking like that---just not welcome. Be uniters, not dividers."

Anticipating a tough confirmation battle in the Senate, Bush called for a "dignified" process of considering his nominee. "Like the dignified invasion of Iraq. "
A short list of candidates distributed in the White House within the last week had not included the name of any women or minorities, the official said. "Why should it? They didn't vote for me."
"I will be deliberate and thorough in this process," said Bush. "Duck, duck, duck, goose!"

"I have directed my staff, in cooperation with the Department of Justice, to compile information and recommend for my review potential nominees who meet a high standard of legal ability, judgment and integrity, and who will faithfully interpret the Constitution and laws of our country," he said. ("Fat Tony has to like them, too.")

"The nation deserves and I will select a Supreme Court that Americans can be proud of, like Clarence," Bush said. "The nation also deserves a dignified process of confirmation in the United States Senate -- characterized by fair treatment, a fair hearing and a fair vote. And by fair, I mean, gettin' my way!"
Bush said he would recommend a replacement who will "faithfully interpret" the laws. Or, at the very least, side with the Good Guys more often than Sandy did!

CDW: Luther Vandross

The main reason that 64% of North American men were able to get laid. Gone. Thanks for the memories, man!

Friday, July 01, 2005

no one is laughing, Dick!

If I had more time, I'd comment on Day-O'Connor's resignation, the BC Ferry crash, Bennifer 2.0 making it all legal, and Spain beating us to number three. But this is supposed to be a vacation.

Back Monday!


Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fun-Filled Long Weekend Edition

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

Gone off to TO to see the family; may or may not be posting, depending...

It has really been a whacky year in Canada. This time in 2004, we were just recovering from the election. Flash forward 367 days later, Martin is still in the captain's chair, but may not be in charge--hello, Captain Jack! At times, it feels as though the only thing that unifies the provinces is their hatred for the federal government. Although, Saskatchewan has been silent lately.

A quick round-up of the usual suspects:

Tom Cruise is off his rocker--I mean, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off!

Come back, Yellow Jeep!

Poor Karla, just can't seem to catch a break these days.

Have you ever tried to read e-mails in 26 C conditions? I was going spinny yesterday afternoon.

Probably just a co-winky-dink that this happened the day after the SSM vote, right? I mean, lightening--hitting a church???--what are the odds? (BIG BOOMING VOICE: "Homer? This is God...-frey Jones")

Isn't it ironic? Don't you think? A little too ironic...?

If you're going to be detained without charge, contrary to international law, for over three years, tortured and riduculed spiritually--then it might as well be done in style, right?

Talk about your history of insurgency--from the Daily Rotten comes an historical perspective of things not always going as planned:

Today in Rotten History
Jun 30 1520
After looting Tenochtitlan, Spaniards are attacked by an angry Aztec mob. Tied down by armor and treasure, they are no match for the natives and nearly half of Cortes' men lose their lives.
It was because they didn't realize that they were being liberated, don't ya know!

Why are the contemptuous politicians always conservative? He actually called them idiots--his own constituents!!!

The Amazing Wonderdog links to the sinking ship that is Harper's Love Boat. I'm not enjoying this too much, am I? (Nice shades, Harpo!)

Brad at A Little Bit Left, writes more about churches, and their charitable status, and what is at stake if they continue down the road they've been heading.

Damien at Couch Warfare struggles with an awkward milestone.

Library Bitch brings us more words that begin with "R". Nice job, sir!

Pete over at At-Large is perplexed and conflicted over the Dylan - Starbucks deal -- The Amazing Wonderdog sets us straight on the issue, though. Thanks, Skippy!

Enough with the Blog Beat, is there any cool gossip going around?

Like say, little Nicky Carter getting carted off to rehab?

Avril's engaged?

Di and John-John?

Rosie setting Tommy straight. (so to speak)

Mariah --not a skanky Ho, as previously advertised.

Britney on the other hand...not exactly June Cleaver, just yet.

God help me--when would this skill ever come in handy?

Anyway, it got really late all of a sudden--I'm of to bed. Everyone--have a fun and safe long weekend, on both sides of the border. Keep on rockin'...


Poker @ Funcentral

Let's try this one more time.
When: Saturday July 9, 6:00 pm
Where: Funcentral
Lower stakes, better prize spread, more amazing food.

Well, slap my face and call me Nancy!

Does this surprise anyone?

Journey to give away new album
Journey, the group known for such '80s classics as Don't Stop Believin' and Open Arms, will be giving away its new album for free at concerts
this summer.
Still not worth the price of admission, IMHO.
For some reason, they've been getting mucho radio play lately, causing me no end of migraines and mini-aneurysms.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Numbers of The Beast

Thanks to Robster for the link to Think Progress.

Bush Iraq Speech: By The Numbers

References to “September 11″: 5
References to “weapons of mass destruction”: 0
References to “freedom”: 21
References to “exit strategy”: 0
References to “Saddam Hussein”: 2
References to “Osama Bin Laden”: 2
References to “a mistake”: 1 (setting a timetable for withdrawal)
References to “mission”: 11
References to “mission accomplished”: 0

I know that I could've done this myself.

But I'm a big pussy.

I had to change the channel a few times. Like Robster, the man brings the bile up in me. When I was watching the Abomination speaketh last night surrounded by military (how am I not supposed to think "Texas Uber Alles"?), I was offended, sickened, bemused, and surprised.

Did it really take him an entire 4 minutes before mentioning 9/11 ? Wow. What restraint, G! One thing that Think Progress didn't track, was the usage of "We". As in, the sacrifices "we" have made. Or, the losses that "we" have suffered.

Just a question, George, but didn't you feel just a bit awkward including yourself in all of that?

Even just a little bit?

Gay Marriage = Gateway Deviant Behaviour?

Bill C-38 passed 158-133, and the ground did not open up (as it has in Texas!!!) to swallow us whole. The Conservatives are no doubt somewhere in this fair city, pouting and stomping and plotting and ...well, probably more pouting, wondering how the hell they can turn this thing around.

All of this did not go down without the "last throes" (tm ,Dick Cheney) battle-whines of , "What next, polygamy/incest/beastiality?"

Brad at A Little Bit Left, writes about this:
The passing of this bill will in no way shape or form allow for more than two people to marry. And it specifically states that it must be two people. Two people. Not a man and his pet. Nor allow for the legalization of hard drugs. Nor prostitution. Nor organized crime.
Of course, the neo-cons are skeptical. Take Richard, from the Cannuckistan Chronicles. Please. Take him. Richard wrote:
We've placed our hand into a fire and are feeling the burning as a result. In this case the burning is:
* an erosion of civil and religious rights -
* forced acceptance of the gay lifestyle.
* having the door opened for polygamy
* having the door opened for pedophilia
* an erosion of the family as the cornerstone of our society.
By extending rights, we are in fact eroding them? Wow. By extending rights, we are forcing acceptance? Yeah, so? We also accept the lifestyles of farmers and oil-rig workers and conservative bloggers. Deal. With. It. Ass.

Opening the polygamy door...? Er, no. Pedophilia? I think that the Catholic Church may have a few things to say about that. And NAMBLA. Family is the cornerstone of our society? I thought it was Oprah. What do I know? To my knowledge, Bill C-38 is silent on destroying families. It is not silent about extending rights to individuals who had been previously denied them, under the Charter. Or is Richard implying that the cornerstone of all families is homophobia and prejudice and hypocrisy and inequity? Talk about your slippery slopes...

Seriously, this is not the "gateway drug" that the troglo-cons think it is. It is certainly not the harbinger of doom that they want their supporters to think it is. (Wow, that last sentence feels awkward, structurally. Can't help it, it is 2:40 am, need coffee.)

Just as pot has unfairly been labeled a gateway drug, (if it was, Canada would be a nation of crack addicts) SSM and Bill C-38 ain't nuthin' but what they is. (Did I mention the time?) I fear for the future is anyone honestly believes that the acts of bestiality and pedophilia contain the same level of consent as SSM. That really sickens me. Do you hate them that much? What have they ever done to you, Richard? Or the rest of you, for that matter? They're just people too, wanting to be happy, together.

My wedding day was one of the happiest of my life. I can't imagine how angry I would have been if I was told that I couldn't marry her legally. Under God. It mattered to me. It still does. It was the beginning of...everything after...I can never explain, when asked, what changed, but there was something. Our relationship evolved, improved, and maybe felt a lot less temporary. That's what I go back to, any time I question my stance on this issue. Why shouldn't they have this option, too?

While Richard, and Stephen Harper, and the churches of the world spread their fear and hyperboly around like the frothy mixture that it really is, Canada became part of a brilliant and beautiful place in history. It saddens me that the nay-sayers don't see that.

Maybe in time. Hope springs eternal.

Good night, kiddies. Sleep the sleep of the victorious.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Vote In the House; A Bush On the Ropes

Exciting night of tellie, no? What to watch...?

Hmm...this is why I got PVR.

Update soon...

CDW: Shelby Foote

From the Globe and Mail:
"Mr. Foote, a Mississippi native and long time Memphis resident, wrote six novels but is best remembered for his three-volume, 3,000-page history of the Civil War and his appearance on the PBS series The Civil War. "

Feel that Sting? It's Pride...

With apologies to Quentin Tarantino.

Enough is enough, Steve-O!

You pouted and stomped your feet and called people names when Belinda quit.

You pouted and stomped your feet and called people names when the Libs sided with the BQ and NDP.

Now, you call into question the very legitimacy of members of Parliament who support SSM. Where will you stop, Steve? What line is there that you won't cross? The BQ were good enough for you a month ago, when you needed them. Now, only "federalist" MPs get to vote?

Harper says the same-sex political marriage between the Liberals and the BQ is illegitimate. He told reporters on his way into question period on Monday that the majority of federalist MPs will vote against the bill that extends the right to marry to gays and lesbians, and he warned that the Liberals will face a backlash from voters outside Quebec.
You are crap. As a leader, you are a lost cause.

You are so hell (heck?)-bent on ousting the Liberals, that nothing else matters. Like rational thought? Like diplomacy? Like waiting until Gomery publishes his findings? Like popular opinion? These things don't matter to you.

Peter MacKay had an understanding with the party who elected him leader, and you didn't respect that. Whatever deal you promised him forever ended one of the oldest political parties in Canadian history, all because you wanted an in-road to Ontario and the Maritimes. Way to go, Steve-O, you're still in opposition.

You seized on toppling the government after pledging to work with them. You continuously rail on them for corruption that, for all intents and purposes, ended years ago. They're cleaning things up. Martin himself called for the inquiry. At various points in time you have pledged to honour most of the Liberals' budget commitments. How then, can you convince the voters that they are doing a good job?

You can't. You're still below 30% popularity, and sinking every single day that goes by, filled with the hate-filled vitriol that filles Preston and Stockwell with pride. Every single day that goes by shows more and more how Martin, Layton and Duceppe know more about parliamentary procedure and diplomacy than you ever will. The eventually passing of the same-sex marriage vote will go through. And it will stand as your greatest failure to your fringe supporters. And I will be laughing my fat hairy ass off.

Hahahahahahaha! Hubris is a bitch, isn't it?

Don't bother with your image make-over. You will always be repulsive to voters outside of Alberta. We do not trust you now, nor will we be inclined to do so in the future.

I do have to thank you for providing us bloggers with scads of material though. You've been way more amusing to watch than Canadian Idol.

G'day, ya'll!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Anti-Christian Bigotry Hurts Everyone!

From I Drew This.

A picture and a few apt words is all the ammunition required!

It just seems like (SLURP) yesterday...

From Rotten, it was ten years ago today that Hugh Grant had career-changing oral sex:

The LAPD arrests streetwalker Divine Brown on Hawthorn Ave. where she is discovered giving British movie star Hugh Grant a blowjob in his white BMW. To
be fair, they also arrest Grant for procuring said blowjob.
Thankfully, Bill Clinton came (snicker) along, thus ensuring that Grant's was not the most infamous/memorable/image-shaping hummer of the 1990's.

There is no indicaion that Grant's experience has had any adverse impact on celebrities engaging in oral sex since then.

Especially Charlie Sheen.

Monday Morning Round-Up

Welcome to the Hellmouth, people.

Now, this can't be right. Anyone familiar enough with the Bible able to tell me if this looks to be apocalyptic or not?

Rush Limbaugh is his own biggest defender. Someone has to do it. Classic line though, worthy of being adopted by everyone:

And I'm not going to apologize, but I will apologize if it hurts your feelings. But you know what? I think if you're offended, it's your problem. It's not mine.
Amen, brother Rush. Hey, how's that Oxy habit going, bye the way?

Are you having a bad summer so far? Could it be worse?

Could you be Tom Cruise?

All of the Katie fiasco, the big movie coming out, the war with Brooke Shields...when-oh-when did you find the time to bang Rob Thomas, Tommy? Just asking?

I am the Bee Man, I am the Walrus.

Today's lesson: Not everyone likes kitties, and not all old ladies are sweet.

It was a rough week for septagenarians, and those who love them.

Batman beats Bewitched.

From the Rolling Stone blog, comes this sweet summary of all thing DSM-ish, and why it still matters.

If you're still struggling to make the link to relevancy, by all means read this, then insist on impeachment.

Getting tired of war propaganda? Get a load of this archive.

Ottawa is getting 4 more radio stations! But do we really need another easy listening station? In fact, why are they called easy listening when they only make me want to smash pretty things?
Just asking.

On the Yellow Elephant front, some kids decided to go undercover to the College Republicans National Convention. They didn't find a whole lot of takers set on enlisting. Why do you think that might be?

Brad, over at A Little Bit Left has a nice entry on the continuing deceit of the war. Aside from being a fellow Ontarian and progressive blogger, he also digs Bright Eyes. How cool is that?

For $99, who doesn't want Ottawa Renegades season tickets? Umm...the other 700,000 people living in the area, it seems. (yawn)

Steve-O hits T.O, skipped on Pride parade:

With the issue of Same Sex Marriage getting so much attention in the Mainstream Media (SSM in the MSM, surely!), ever wonder what the fuss is about fo them? I mean, marriage can't be that great. Rush hasn't been very successful with them. Harper's May Index has an interesting tidbit that may shed some light, though. Only 1,138 U.S. federal benefits are tied to marriage. No big deal.

Naked in New York? Everyone's doing it now.

If the Great Leader says it, it must be so:

Don't forget today's stupid, How-Much-Of-A-80's music-Buff-Are-You quiz:

How Much Do You Know About 80s Music?
You Scored 95% Correct

You are an 80s expert
You never confuse New Order with the Pet Shop Boys
You know which classical musician Falco rocked
When it comes to 80s music, you Just Can't Get Enough!

Have a Happy Week, ya'll!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

#187--random brain farts

Time flies when you're having fun. This is post #187 for me. 188 is already in the can and ready to be published. The blogger that succeeds in planning, plans to succeed. Or something like that.

Strange thing, these blogs. There's a lot of them out there, and not two are exactly alike. I know that what I intended this thing to be soon took on a life of its own. I never intended for it to be overtly political, but you can see how that went. Everything seems to be politicized, or at the very least polarized, these days. Where you stand on an issue often impacts on how you feel about others. If you're pro-gay marriage, then you're probably pro-choice and anti-Bush, etc.

Lefties and Righties tend not to be nice to each other any more. Whether they are Liberals and Democrats, Conservatives or Republicans, we just don't even try to see each others' viewpoint any more. I'm as guilty of this as anyone else is, although I stop short, though, of writing that anyone who disagrees with me hates my country, and should therefore leave it.

How did this great divide happen? As bad as the situation is in Canada these days, the US seems more angst-y, to the nth degree. Where do people stop being schoolmates and BFF's, and turn into blog-enemies?

I have a theory, and it is probably asinine. But you didn't pay to get in here, so tough it out. I don't think that Republicans and Conservatives were very popular growing up. They seem to be the kids who got picked last, or not invited to things. Or if they were invited, they'd be the loudest people there, out of a feeling of not really belonging. Dems and Libs are good time party folk, with clear and concrete abilities in sharing ideas, and asking each other questions, working out solutions together. Socialists like me always knew where to get the best weed, and if given a choice, would prefer to hang with the Libs/Dems, who annoyed us a bit, but could be listened to without too much eye-gouging. And we'd mock the Repug/Cons together. We had grand theories, and the best taste in music. And weed--did I mention that part? Being socialists, we'd share all three freely--perhaps at times to our own detriment.

So, is it in high school, or post-secondary? Or earlier? Or later? I for one, have not changed my ideological affiliation since I was 16. Am I stubborn, narrow-minded, or normal? I dunno. It could just be a combination of the three, with a few things thrown in that I didn't think of.

No pictures, no links, no name-calling.

Tomorrow, back to normal.

Can YOU Pass the "Kooky Karl" Kwiz?

From the post board over at Democratic Underground, comes this nifty little quiz:

Here's looking at you, kid!

1.) "Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the attacks and prepared for war" said Karl. What was the most important part of that preparation?
a) Sitting motionlessly to listen to schoolchildren read "My Pet Goat"before sprinting for a bunker in Nebraska to hide for the rest of the day.
b) Preventing Dixie Chicks records from being played on the radio.
c) Re-naming fried potatoes and fried, egg-dipped bread so that France doesn't get credit for them.
d) Making officers who point out what was actually needed for war resign from the Pentagon.
e) All of the above.

3.) "I don't know about you, but moderation and restraint is not what I felt when I watched the twin towers crumble to the ground, a side of the Pentagon destroyed, and almost 3,000 of our fellow citizens perish in flames and rubble." Karl told his conservative audience. Which of these noted young conservatives felt just like Karl, threw moderation and restraint aside, and joined the military immediately?
a) George P. Bush, nephew of the current White House occupant.
b) Jeb Bush Junior, nephew of the current White House occupant.
c) Billy Bush, cousin of the current White House occupant.
d) Andrew M. Rove, son of Karl Rove.
e) None of the above.

5) Rove fretted aloud to his audience about the danger to our troops. Which of these actions is least likely to increase this danger?
a) Claiming that war is a cakewalk and refusing to adequately prepare for the effort needed(6). b) Failing to secure weapons depots and ammuntions dumps after the invasion. (7)
c) Equipping the troops with inadequate and antiquated gear and publicly sneering at their concerns(8).
d) Keeping battle-weary troops on the front lines indefinitely. (9)
e) Pointing out that the torture currently being inflicted in the GOP’s concentration camp at Guantanimo was pretty much like the torture dished out in totalitarian regimes.

Nice work, MrBenchley! Enjoy the rest, kids!

They could just tattoo us with identifying numbers or something...

"It represents an unhealthy shift in the balance of the relationship between the citizen and the state"~~David Davis, shadow Home secretary

...and that would be bad because...? (crickets chirping)

From the BBC, this report that ID cards won't improve safety:

Continuing in the Mail on Sunday, David Davis said: "In Labour's Britain there is a sense that we are all now guilty until proven innocent. "As if to reinforce this point, they now want us to carry around a plastic card with our name, address and photo on it so we can prove who we are all at all times.

The future is now, folks. Canada has already proposed this idea. Stop it now while we still have a few civil liberties left.

Boobs Galore!

From Crooks and Liars, a great link to the Daily Show clip featuring porn star Mary Carey.

All this, the same week that online porn took a hit from the Feds.

I'm all for supporting diversity, as I'm certain that Bush and Rove are too. But how long can the party of Lincoln, Coulter, Robertson and Limbaugh accommodate Mary and her really big breasts?

Somewhere, Barry Goldwater is spinning.

In other boob news, the prurient legacy of John Ashcroft went the way of the fig leaf this week.

Does anyone else find it odd that Americans went from nightly discussions about blowjobs during the Clinton years, to covering up statues?

With this latest development, maybe we're on the rebound?

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