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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Great Debate

Anyone else watch the live "West Wing" episode last night? It featured a fictional debate of the issues facing the US today. I couldn't help thinking that this is what should have happened last fall, if Kerry really wanted to win.

More importantly, it was how the Dems will stand a chance of winning in 2008. When Jimmy Smits' character lashed out at Hawkeye for labelling (libelling???) him a Liberal -- oooh, my heart stopped.

In Canada today, Jack Layton will supposedly conclude whether or not to remain supportive of the government, thereby stalling an election. When the CAW is telling the NDP leader what to do, it's pretty damn difficult to say no. Heads sez keep your party faithful, Tails sez break out of the labour ties of old, and forge a political future of unofficial party status. Your move, sir!

I'm torn Andy, but I'm leaning toward pulling the plug. I have even seen word from the Liberals that they wouldn't mind, since the outcome is likely either another Liberal minority (nothing changes, we keep going) or a CPC minority, both with the NDP holding the real balance of power.

So, a CPC government would not last long, people would see how they would really behave in government and later the 'New" Liberals would be returned after Harper faces his own non-confidence vote.

So in other words, they had better becarefull what they wish for. This could be the chance to get a PR system implemented at the federal level, since I think many CPc would also go for it.

This will be a fun couple of weeks.
I thought it was a great show. The "real" debates are more scripted and rehearsed than last night's version. Does that mean Smits/Alda are better actors than Kerry/Bush, or vice versa?
Noooooo, I'm only up to the episode where Martin Sheen has the MS attack on Airforce One during the Chinease summit.
I too watched the show...just wishing that we had that level of intelligent discourse down here...but we don't...
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