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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bad Scooter Searchin' For His Groove!

With a close encounter of a prison-soap kind now imminent, perhaps Lewis Libby will require all of the possible royalties from his scorching 1996 novel, "The Apprentice", that he can get his hands on.

To that end, I provide a link to a brief excerpt of the page-turner, and ask: Do you think George or Dick had read the book before giving Libby the Staffer job in the first place?

Amazon provides more snippets here, and a bizarre auction link for copies with an asking price of $599 US!
Bonus points to the first reader to correctly guess where the title comes from.


"10th Avenue Freezeout"

Do I get a prize?
Sadly, only the thanks of the blogosphere! Maybe somethin' bigger closer to payday.
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