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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sweet Sweet Music...

...to my ears...another "Screw You!" to the corporate parasite known as Wal-Mart!

The Quebec Labour Board has ruled that the closing of a Wal-Mart store this year amounted to a reprisal against unionized workers and has ordered the company to compensate former employees.
The labour board concluded that Wal-Mart Canada, Inc., failed to prove that the closing of its store in Jonquiere in April was "real, genuine and definitive" as required under the Quebec Labour Code.
Their (Wal-Mart) trying to demonstrate an unprofitable store is like trying to prove the existence of an unprofitable Tim Horton's!


In other news, I really hope that The Abomination doesn't read Rotten.Com . Their DailyRotten section has a "Today in Rotten History" entry which could give him an idea...so to speak.
Sep 17 1859
San Francisco resident Joshua A. Norton proclaims himself Emperor of these United States, a title he retains until his death in 1880. The successor to Emperor Norton I has yet to be anointed.
Like I said, here's hoping...
Is it time for another "Family Guy" clip already? I have an idea--how about two today--and don't bug me again for a while? What do you say?

Enjoy, kiddies!

PS-- Trev, these were for you! If anyone else enjoys them, they have you to thank.
Thanks Dude...

Thought the "This? It's just my package...God made it and I signed for it." is more over the top creepy than funny. But I still love it!

Glad to see more activity on your blog... Remember...You've aquired a flock. Now you have to tend them... lest they get bored and turn on you!(to paraphrase Pinky!)

Well i've come to worship today, no doubt I'll first confess my sins,

"I had a nasty dream about laura bush ...."
The truth will set you free Damien...to a point. Did everyone remain clothed and virtuous?

Trev, not so sure about a flock, but I'll take your word for it.

Life in Club Fed is paradoxical. All the crappy food that you can eat, unlimited internet access, coffee that (I swear) is mixed with Metamucil-- and beds so tough and rigid it would make a Klingon wince. All this, and I get paid to be here. Only 3 days left,and tonight (God help everyone!!!) is karaoke! Aye-yi-yi-yi!!!
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