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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hump-Day Distractions

Wednesday already? Wow, time flies when you're a puppy-parent!

I've been doing this Blog thing for five months now, and while I've tried to keep it light and airy and fun (note: the title!), I am a bit politically oriented.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Stories have come and gone, but the last few months have been almost non-stop with the "Story-of-the-week-destined-to-topple-the Bush-Administration", yet he's still there, smirkin' and jerkin'. The DSM couldn't do it. Rover-gate wasn't up to snuff. The extended vacation failed. Cindy Sheehan came close, what with Iraq's "Bloody August" lending a hand. Katrina blew up, then petered out, with no thanks to Georgie's smart-mouthed mom.

What we have left is:
  • The US is so much in debt right now that no future president will have an alternative to raising taxes.
  • The Senate Democrats are rolling over and playing dead in the Roberts confirmation.
  • No clear Dem candidate for president has popped up yet, Joe Biden not-withstanding.
  • Texas gets spared by Rita, Bush looks prepared.

In Canada, the ride has been equally rocky for the Liberals, with "Alias"-like cliffhangers each week, and evil-doers plotting the downfall of the government. Yet, the status quo has been the rule. Gay marriage passed, and the world didn't end. Harpo barbecued with the selected masses, and is more unpopular now than ever before. Martin looks poised to dodge a huge bullet from the Gomery investigation, and has managed to become more popular without really doing very much.

Britney had her baby, and "Dashton" got hitched--or did they?!? The Tom & Katie show--soooo over! The ruse may still be going on, but the only folks still caring seem to be the publicists.

As summer 2005 comes to a close, and I prepare to take my dog for a walk, I send out a salute to the non-stories of the year, for psyching us out to the point of indifference. Are we fickle, or just tired of being played?

And now, the rest of the blog...

Serenity in 3 days!

Did anyone miss these the first time around? Who did you vote for? Talk about decisions!

...from Daveberta and Sean Incognito...
Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

Tonight on TV, comes the epic choice (and why I'm happy to have PVR {Canadian TiVo}): Lost or Veronica Mars?!? Talk about you einy-meeny-miney-moe moments. All that technology, and I still managed to miss Laura Bush's reality show debut. Damn!

This is the type of law that gets enacted when every news outlet is focused on the tragedy du jour--is the ACLU asleep or something?

First, 'Billgrimages', now 'Clinton Condoms'! What a guy!

Ahh--Oktoberfest! Beer and Porn will never go out of style.

All's forgiven with Michaelle?

With this, there's now no good reason to not make home-porn. Paris, Fred, Pammy--it's only $20! What's your excuse?

Why is this still fun?

Any thought to casting "Dr. Broom" as the next Spider-Man villain?

Police malpractice?

Why, God? Why?!?

Finally, I share this because I truly care. I really do. And this. And this. And this, again.

Now, go out and take on the day!

"Ahh--Oktoberfest! Beer and Porn will never go out of style."

Ah, shit! And here I thought you were going to link to some tits and ass.....and beer! Every true blue blooded Albertan's fantasy!!!!
Firstly I hope you chose Veronica Mars dude she reminds me of a young Parker Posey, hearing you on the political commentary (especially the court appointment and Rita). Guessing the Dems are rolling over becasue they think George could chose some dude 100 times worse.
We want more,
we want more,
we want more of whatsonandysymind.


You can always get caught up on the new TV season on the weekend . . .
Somebody wake up Hicks!

Sylbert, You may need to apply some of that "Great woman behind the man" logic... And kick him in the kiester! Cuz there's no way Andy could be out of things to say...

Master! Your people have walked many miles to be with You! They are weary and have not eaten... got any juniper bushes?
Andy, where HAVE you gone, dude?
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